Money Back Guarantee


We are so confident in our Membership Programs and believe in you so much that we guarantee your success. We know sometimes it’s hard to take the ‘leap of faith’ so this is our way of giving you a safety net to make it easier for you to step into your future and be bold!


As we truly believe in what we do, and the impact this can have on the lives of our clients, we include a 100% Money Back Results Guarantee on our Membership Programs. If you sign up for one of our Membership Programs and, after using it for 3 months and have not reached a desired goal or towards it, we will simply refund all of your money.

1. Requests for a full refund must be received in writing, by email to

2. Requests must be received no later than 90 days from the start of your Membership.

3. All requests for a refund after that deadline will not be considered.

4. After this time, please refer to our Cancellation policy as set out in our Terms & Conditions.